A unique blend of video, performance, song, athlete activism and civic engagement, The Wall of Song Project is a collaborative art and social singing software platform that draws together the voices of fans, students, athletes, and community allies in a generative and mediagenic cycle of public collective singing rituals, participatory video/choral works, sports stadia*/cathedral singing* performances, civic singing interventions, and calls-to-action*—creating a growing “Wall of Song.”

This project asks questions: How might we build upon ways that collective singing rituals can embolden our voices to work towards a more equitable, democratic, and racially just community? How we might we collaborate to create singing rituals and ‘sporting anthems’ to harness our voices together and build fan and civic engagement in women’s athletics and female-identified sports? And how might we draw upon poetic and pragmatic action in participatory civic singing interventions as a bridge to social change in this moment of deep uncertainty, systemic oppression, and personal and political melancholia—after the song is over?

Launched on Inauguration Day, 2017 simultaneously in Washington, D.C and at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Wall of Song’s first project, gathered hundreds of voices together online in a massed singing of Leonard Cohen’s HALELUJAH as part of a series of evolving participatory video installations and live singing events that traveled widely, including a 25’ video installation at live singing event at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.

Wall of Song’s current ongoing project, FEELING GOOD invites fans, athletes, students, staff, and community allies to sing Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ as part of a series of collaborative sport stadia singing performances, participatory video installations, and calls to action. FEELING GOOD launched at San José State, the birthplace of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, on February 24th, 2020 as part of an SJSU Women’s Basketball Game half-time participatory performance in concert with National Girls and Women in Sports Day and many other campuses, community affinity groups, cultural partners and participants. Share your voice and join our cause here the ISSSSC’s Words to Action motto #SJSUWordstoAction #LeadHerForward.  

If you are interested in exhibiting one of our participatory video installations and/or would like to screen or host one of our collaborative performances, please contact us here. We welcome your feedback about how we can further “Uplift and center the voices of Black womxn and girls in sports and society.”


Originally co-founded by artists Mel Day and Michael Namkung, Wall of Song Project began as a participatory, evolving video installation and live singing event that invited people—no matter their ability to carry a tune—to record themselves singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Hundreds of participants’ faces were layered together into a growing democratic chorus and video installation—such that no one voice or face stood out. In this time of great unknowing and uncertainty, this was a different kind of wall that brought us together.


Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique

Executive Director for the ISSSSC
Associate Professor Department of African American Studies, SJSU


Mel Day

Artist, filmmaker, co-founder of The Wall of Song Project.
Interdisciplinary Art Lecturer, College of Humanities & the Arts, SJSU, CA


Dr. Craig McKenzie

Assistant Director of Bands
SJSU Director of Athletic Band


Bonnie Sugiyama

SJSU Director of the PRIDE Center & Gender Equity Center

Joshua Moon

SJSU Promotions & Fan Experience Coordinator

Ryan O’Rorke

SJSU Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing, Digital Media and Licensing

Dr. Corie Brown

Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education, SJSU

Dr. Jeffery Benson

Associate Professor,
Music & Dance

Director of Choral Activities

Elizabeth D. Foggie

Digital Media Consultant

Justin Edwards

Motion Graphics & Sound Design Consultant

Kiki Wu

Graduate Assistant
(Video and web design)

Raymond Lam

Undergraduate Assistant

Leily Khatibi

Graduate Assistant
(Video and web design)

Woman, Athlete, Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris

SJSU Woman’s Soccer, Film Interviewee
beth doyle, woman, glasses, portrait

Beth Doyle

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director – Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change (ISSSSC)
Woman, Athlete, Natasha Harris

Juyoung Ku

Student Assistant

Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique, executive director of San José State University’s Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change (ISSSSC) and associate professor in the Department of African American Studies with Mel Day, artist, SJSU interdisciplinary lecturer in the Department of Art & Art History, and co-founder of The Wall of Song Project would like to thank the athletes, fans, students, staff, and community supporters who have added their voices as well as our collaborative partners and sponsors  for their generous support of FEELING GOOD.


SJSU Partners & Campus Affinity Groups

AthleticsThe Spartan Marching Band, SJSU Choirs (Spartan Glee Club, SJSU Choraliers, SJSU Concert Choir, SJSU Treble Choir), PRIDE Center & Gender Equity CenterDepartment of Art & Art History, Mosaic Cross-Cultural Center, Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center

Community Organizations

The Women’s Sports Foundation
Provident Credit Union Event Center.


Artistic Excellence Project Grant from SJSU’s College of Humanities & the Arts
California State University Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award
PRIDE Center & Gender Equity Center
Mosaic Cross-Cultural Center
Department of Art & Art History

FEELING GOOD is registered National Girls & Women in Sports Day Event, powered by the Women’s Sports Foundation.



SJSU Women’s Basketball Team
Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique, Executive Director of The Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change
Dr. Craig McKenzie, SJSU Director of Athletic Bands, Assistant Director of Bands
Marie Tuite, Athletics Director, SJSU
Blake Sasaki, SJSU Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations
Ryan O’Rorke, SJSU Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing, Digital Media and Licensing
Joshua Moon, SJSU Promotions & Fan Experience Coordinator
Dr. Jeffrey Benson, SJSU Director of Choral Activities
Dr. Corie Brown, Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education
Bonnie Sugiyama, SJSU Director of the PRIDE Center & Gender Equity Center
Heather Limosnero, Head Cheer Coach
Nico Peck & Dr. Oona Hatton, SJSU Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Dr. Anthony Raynsford, Chair, SJSU Art & Art History Department
Daphne Purisima, Department Analyst, Dept. of Art & Art History
Beth Doyle, Department Analyst, ISSSSC
Christopher Yang, Director of the SJSU MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center
Michelle Frey, Creative Director for Strategic Communications and Marketing
Justin Edwards, After Effects & Sound Editing Consultant (Jumbotron video)
Miles Caliboso & EJ Casobar, Video Consultant (Introductory video)
Junhao Su, Videography, SJSU Videographic Services
Robert Bain, SJSU Photographer
Mel Chircop, Francisco Mendoza, James Moore & Leah Silveria (Photography)
Teri Graziani, SJSU Media Specialist/Video Producer/Strategic Communications
Cindy Morata, Director of SJSU Accessible Education Center
Maria L. Smyrniotis, CI/CT, Program Coordinator, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Brad Byrd, Deaf Sign Language Interpreter
Kiki Wu, Graduate Assistant
Raymond Lam, Undergraduate Assistant
Leily Khatibi, Graduate Consultant
Ming Lacey, PR, Wooster Communications Consultant
Kathie Pham & Andrea Perez, SJSU DB&H Advertising Student Team
Juyoung Ku, SJSU Undergraduate Researcher
Don Hanson, MFA Candidate & founder of New Art City
Dr. Haydn James, Massed Choir & Sports Conducting Consultant
Miriam Dym, Copy Editing Consultant
James Moore, Financial Consultant
Giles Day, IT Consultant


Video still courtesy: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Ron Kroon / Nederlands: Collectie /
Archief : Fotocollectie Anefo / 14 December 1965

Custom arrangement license: #353609 “Feeling Good” [from ‘The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd’];
Songwriters: Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
This song is from the album I Put A Spell On You [1965] produced by Hall Mooney