Interdisciplinary Art Lecturer & Co-founder of Wall of Song Project

Mel Day is a British-Canadian interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and co-founder of The Wall of Song Project, a generative multi-media singing platform that includes a series of large-scale video installations, participatory choral works, and collaborative cathedral and sports stadium performances featuring personal and collective anthems. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Day’s multi-media work explores the concept and practice of ‘chorus’ by combining new technologies and the virtual with traditional media and ‘actual’ forms and experiences. Recent projects focus on the role of uncertainty and collective singing at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and civic engagement in collaboration with a wide range of community partners, fans, and athletes. Earlier video work grappled with amateur singing, often pairing endurance with song: a marine veteran rolling down a hill while singing a hymn about peace anything but peacefully; a couple treading water while singing until exhaustion; a durational video layering hummed singing every decade.